My groups story starts off in The magical land of Talys on the continent of Ternia. Many centuries ago before the time of troubles when the goddess of magic Mystra died this was a land where magic was so abundant it could take physical form all on it’s own and all citizens of this land land were attuned to it. Magical creatures from many different planes of existence all flocked to Talys to enjoy its’ abundance of magic. However when the time of troubles came this land lost much of it’s magic and became sealed from the rest of existence. Many magical creatures unable to sustain themselves in the new world without the abundant supply of magic and unable to return home perished. A dark god was also sealed in this world and wished to absorb all of the remaining magic to attempt to open a portal back to it’s plane of existence. A goodly god however intervened and the two battled, the land became scarred and the battle seemed never ending. So the good god unable to defeat the dark god once and for all decided on another course of action and prepared a way to seal the dark god away. The dark god fell into the good one’s trap and during the process the good god was using all of it’s power to restrain and seal the dark god. The dark god saw this and with the last of it’s fleeting power struck at the good god. The good god too preoccupied with the sealing couldn’t stop it and with that blow all of good gods power was knocked from it just as the sealing finished. The power of the good god rained down on the continent of Ternia it the form of magical gems. One landed in a temple worshiping that same god and was named the god’s tear. Centuries later with the good god’s power weakened the seal on the dark god was loosening. The good god knew he had little time before the dark god was able to break free and looked for champions among the mortals to help defeat the dark god once and for all.

Land of Magic Talys

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