Land of Magic Talys

The adventure so far.....

The story picks up with three adventurers in a small town on the outskirts of a forest called dark wood. Two members of the magocracy (A magic council if you will) Were tasked with stopping a growing ring of wild magic. In the current year magic is still low in abundance but the realm is unsealing and portals to other planes are re-opening. So magic is trickling back in. Now after defeating an evil wizard and sealing the wild magic device away the party meets up in a town for rest and to try and find a way to get back to the Magocracy. While there they recruit a dwarf a warlord and a thief to accompany them as guards of a caravan to the capital city of Godshead. Along the way the caravan gets ambushed by a hoard of goblins in a mountain pass. After fighting off over a hundred goblins the party (after a short deliberation) decides to pursue them into the cavern complex. A short exploration reveals to the party that the goblin stronghold is comprised of older and newer structures and that the older structures do not seem of goblin make. After getting passed the barred doors, to the main structure, they find the place empty and wonder where the goblins disappeared to. Some searching yields a trap door next to a giant hole in the ground. They barricade both and proceed to fortify the area so the caravan can use this place to rest. While searching the party uncovers that this was once the ancient home of a long dead warlock who used it to summon and convene with extra-planar creatures. Later that night while the party and caravan are sleeping a goblin mage and his subordinates break through the fortifications over the trapdoor. A battle ensues and while protecting the caravan the goblin mage escapes near death and flees to a spiral stair case leading to a summoning circle. The party chases after and attempts to stop him but they were too late and it had begun. The goblin too weak from the battle explodes due to the strain and the summoning doesn’t finish. The complex starts to rumble and the party flees back upstairs. A few moments later the rumbling stops and all seems well. One of the mages in the party decides to use a tome they found and seal the trap door he expends most of his energy doing so and collapses. After a long rest there in the complex the caravan moves on arriving in godshead a few short days later without incident. While in godshead they find the closest inn and bunker down. The party splits up and explores the town. The mages go explore the market and find a black market dealer whom they annoy and buy some poison from him. They discover that today is a celebration honoring the recent arrival of the god’s tear in the city and that the noble section and dock section have been sealed off to prevent party goers from wandering in. Around the chapel there is an enormous crowd and they are unable to squeeze through. The mages go back to the in to find the dwarf drunk the thief gone and the warlord playing a game of bowling after she caught a local member of the thieves guild. The party retires for the night and wakes the next morning to find the thief is back and smiling. The mages set out for the market again (this time with the thief) To acquire supplies for their journey to the Magocracy. While there a man bumps into to one of the mages apologizes and runs off. The mage finds that his coin purse is still there and gives it no more thought. When they arrive back at the inn they have a small feast before they leave the next day. While eating one of the mages turns blue in the face and falls over during the commotion a thieves guild member trips and exposes himself. The party are on him in a heart beat. They find that the thief had earlier planted the stolen god’s tear on the non-poisoned mage to escape suspicion and poisoned the other one to cause a scene so he could take it back. He tells them he doesn’t know the antidote but the leader of the thieves guild would. They send their thief to enter and talk with the leader, after trying to break in, and while that happens they find the city on lock down and themselves under question by the local guard captain. They disclose what they found and he takes the god’s tear back and gives them the fake one to give to the thieves guild. The thieves guild leaders tell the thief at this point that the only way to get the antidote was to join and to join the thief needed to return to them the god’s tear and bring them something that belonged to the royal family. The thief returns to the party and shares his info. The party calls in a favor with the guard captain and he lessens the watch on a back entrance. The thief retuns to the thieves guild that night and brings them what they asked for. They tell him who has the antidote and when he will be returning. They lay in wait for him and ambush him. After a hard fight with a magically silenced armored knight the party returns to the inn bruised and battered. They administer the antidote the mage wakes up a few short hours later. The next morning the party is allowed to leave from the lock down only to find an envoy from the Magocracy waiting for them with a mercenary and caravan outside. A tenday later they arrive in the Magocracy. They gawk as they find the newest students had set themselves on fire and the teachers chasing after to try and put them out. One of the mages is summoned to meet with the archmage and finds out about his reassignment to a war on another continent. After returning to the group and letting them know they decide to have a meal together in the dining hall as a send off for their comrade. While there the thief uncovers a plot to free a prisoner in the Magocracy. While trying to inform someone a giant explosion occurs and they all run outside to find that a powerful lich had escaped and had captured the archmage. The party tries their best to fight the lich but he was too strong. The archmage however manages to escape due to their effort and drives the lich off. After the dust settles they find the companion mage, that they were wishing off, near death due to all of his life energy being drained. The archmage thinks that only the god’s tear may be able to save him. So after recruiting the merc that had accompanied them from Godshead the archmage assigns a mage tracker to them. The archmage then teleports them outside the gates of Godshead and they proceed to an ambush point for the caravan holding the god’s tear. Along the way they travel near the path they took through the mountains previous. While building a raft to travel down the river a local villager bursts out of the brush and asks for their assistance. He tells them his town is under attack from goblins. After conversing with the villager and amongst themselves they realize that their last passing through theses mountains had made the goblins seek other ways out of their mountain home. They feel responsible and agreed to take down the goblin menace once and for all. After back tracking to their previous place they undo the the fortifications and proceed down into the goblin lair. This is where we left

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